If you are reading this, you have likely already visited numerous Medium posts and YouTube videos with creative titles like “How I Passed the Security+ Exam,” “How to Pass the Security+ Exam,” and “How I Passed the Security+ Exam.” I wanted to give this article a more attractive title, like “Click here to find out if it’s a good idea to read Gibson’s entire book in one week” (spoiler: it’s not), but instead I went with the generic one you see here. If you have not visited these other pages, and are wondering what Security+ is, you can think of…

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Someone I knew in high school wrote me a really nice message on Facebook about how I got him interested in programming and inspired him to become a software engineer — as it turned out, this message was exactly what I needed. That same week, I got rejected from three different software engineer positions.

Seeing that message brought back a lot of memories in me. First I thought about high school programming, when everything seemed new and even the idea of making a program say “Hello world!” was exciting. …

If you haven’t heard of The Queen’s Gambit, a Netflix original miniseries currently trending at #1, the photo above already says a lot. Pictured on the cover is Beth Harmon, a fictional 1960s chess champion whom many viewers believe is meant to serve as a more dramatic, more likable version of Bobby Fischer. That sentence alone is already somewhat controversial, but let’s continue.

Some chess pieces are replaced by alcoholic beverages, and her king’s bishop is replaced by tranquilizers — we can interpret just from the image that alcohol and substance abuse are not just involved in Beth’s life, they…

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Back in high school, I wrote a program in Java that asked chemistry questions — I distributed it to classmates as a JAR file, and almost no one figured out how to run it. Jeffery, another student taking AP Computer Science, said that I’d lose 90% of potential interest the second I instructed a user to open the command prompt. Even back then, in the year 2011, Jeffery already understood the concept of the UX leaky funnel.

I gave up on the project for a while, but kept the java code around in my email archives. The original intent was…

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There’s a YouTube video called “Validation” that I really like. It’s 16 minutes long, and I recall finding it heartwarming (albeit corny) when I watched it as a teenager. What I find interesting now, as an adult, is just how well it aged. It’s a video short about this guy who simply compliments people in a genuine way and makes them feel good about themselves, but what I didn’t realize before is that they’re all adults. They’re people running a business. They’re people dealing with sickness. They’re people going on vacation, visiting shops, looking for love. …

Fall Training Conference, 2013

Dear friend,

Welcome to the University of California, Davis, and congratulations on your acceptance! Though I admit I was a little disappointed to hear that you may not be physically going there until 2021, it is probably for the best. I interacted with an intern who was going back to Cal Poly, and he was less than thrilled.

As an alumnus myself, I can confidently tell you that UC Davis is more than just a college — it’s a vibrant community situated in a gorgeous town you may or may not pass on your drive to the Bay Area. …


The Citrus Heights Kiwanis website is ready now, and it was created with a free Wordpress template distributed by the Kiwanis Organization itself. This is their official training website, which uses the same template, thoroughly documents their procedure, and provides a contact link if your Kiwanis club would like to do the same.

In their words:

This is the official Kiwanis Club Sites training website. If your district or club would like a free website, please contact us here, to get on the list

This template is based on the Givingpress lite theme, and is licensed under the GNU General…

This image is public domain, and originates from here

I recently read an article called “Why I’ve Deleted All My Social Media,” which anecdotally describes the uselessness of social media like Twitter while arguing for the benefit of websites like Medium. In my mind, this led to a question — is Medium not social media? If not, why? Everyone is free to publish content, much like they are free to publish content on Facebook and Instagram. Where do we draw the line between blogging platforms and social media platforms, if such a line exists?

My experience with Medium, since Wei recommended it to me four years ago, has been…

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I read Linus Torvalds’ book, Just For Fun, and I caught the open source bug. I admit that this is probably a poor choice of words, but let me continue: He described open source as a way to simply “let everyone play.” Some people describe open source in idealistic terms — others simply capitalize on it. But the way he described it in his book, Linus Torvalds seemed to simply see it as a good system and a way to let lots of people have fun.

A little weird to think that this is the same guy who wrote that…

The infinite potential of the Dog API has still not been fully realized.

I finally finished the newest version of my website — I had it up before, but it didn’t have any projects on it. For the last nine months or so I’ve been doing web development at work, and more than a few people told me that to be taken seriously “web world” (web world…what a terrifying term. It even has spiders), I would need some sort of portfolio. Basic websites are fine, they said, but there needs to be at least one project that makes actual REST API calls.

And that’s when I discovered…wait for it *drum roll*

Evan SooHoo

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