Exploring The ShlinkedIn Tech Stack

It’s like LinkedIn, but for s***posting

If you look closely, you will also see the fake news feature on the right and the ShlinkedIn Blog.

The Tech Stack

ShlinkedIn uses Elixir/Phoenix, Tailwind, and Postgres. They have their procedure documented here. I installed some dependencies and got the thing running locally.


Here’s the source. It’s in a leex file auto-generated by Phoenix.

Source: https://github.com/cbh123/shlinked/blob/e419ffd4df9e6508e320f5edb4abe09d811b135e/lib/shlinkedin_web/live/message_live/show.html.leex

Closing Thoughts

My personal goal in ShlinkedIn is to insert customized lore. For example, the most popular account is called Office Spider — Office Spider is essentially the villain of the website, often claiming to have murdered or mind controlled every other user on the site. Why not make ShlinkedIn serialized? My favorite part of The Onion was when it had its own story…like a long-running series it did in which Mattis got fed up with the Obama administration and simply decided to take his army and conquer the government.



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