Now Introducing: The Blog Triangle of Opportunity!

I really wanted to use crayon for this

Every day, I am truly humbled by my three Medium blogs and the happiness they bring me. Blogging is, without question, the greatest invention in the history of humanity (with agriculture running a close second). One day, ten thousand years in the future, sentient robots will reflect on our once-great civilization and remember that we were the species that invented blogging.

We also invented Tim Denning, who writes 98% of all content on Medium.

What is the Blog Triangle of Opportunity?

The term is meaningless. I made it up just now.

On the top is this account. This is me. It represents who I am and how I want to be perceived.

But on the bottom, beneath the surface, are the two secret Medium accounts lurking in the shadows. One of them is pretending to be a dog, and the other one (which paywall blocks everything) is pretending to be a cat. The one pretending to be a dog has around 550 followers, and the one pretending to be a cat has somewhere around 150.

The dog is the most focused and serious of the three accounts, and mainly focuses on algorithms/data structures. I find this slightly ironic. The cat, on the other hand, tends to write more humorous/meta content making fun of people.

Currently the cat is mostly making fun of Tim Denning.

To The Future

I would just like to remind my readers that what I said about Tim Denning is strictly tongue-in-cheek. Tim Denning is a precious gem of a human being who represents everything good about Medium, and about blogging in general. Every day I read at least five of his posts around the time I wake up, which is always 5:30AM, and he fills me with so much positivity that by 6AM I have already made lots of money in passive income.

I also really appreciate that the majority of his content is about how to make money. If I had it my way, ALL content on Medium would be about money. While we are on that train of thought, why not make all content on Medium about how to make money on Medium? That is absolutely the kind of thing our readers deserve.

Blogging is Great. Social Media Stinks

I have disabled Facebook and Instagram. This week. I will probably reactivate them tomorrow so I can post this blog post about how I quit social media.

Blogging is much, much better. I particularly enjoy the dopamine hit I get when I see the notification icon turn green.

Closing Thoughts

Tim Denning.




A software engineer who writes about software engineering. Shocking, I know.

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Evan SooHoo

Evan SooHoo

A software engineer who writes about software engineering. Shocking, I know.

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