REDHAWK: An Open Source SDR Developed By The Government

A window into the kinds of things people have built with C++

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash. Close enough lol

REDHAWK is a software package that supports the design, development, deployment, management, and upgrading of real-time, network-enabled Software-Defined Radios (SDR). This chapter provides a high-level overview of REDHAWK and its capabilities…

A signal processing application developed in REDHAWK can be deployed on anything from a single Linux computer to network-enabled system of Linux computers. Typically, the integration of hardware and software required for such a form of multi-asset computing is a non-trivial undertaking, requiring a significant expenditure of resources. REDHAWK takes care of the complicated “under the hood” hardware/software integration challenges so that developers can focus on application development: an in-depth understanding of hardware and software systems is not required for basic REDHAWK use.

This is something you should see when REDHAWK actually launches successfully.
The only YouTube tutorial series for REDHAWK I can find anywhere



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