ShlinkedIn: A Window Into Web Development With Phoenix LiveView

A closer look at Phoenix LiveView, alongside my first meaningful pull request

As stated in previous posts, ShlinkedIn is a satirical LinkedIn
  • Why do you keep saying I don’t need JavaScript? I am looking right now at a file called app.js, which seems to be tied to Phoenix LiveView as well (just attached another good Medium article about this)
  • Is it wrong to say that Phoenix LiveView is both frontend and backend? Is it simply frontend?
  • You talk a lot about how this was inspired by React.js, including live reload. How exactly is this better? If it scales better, why is that? If it does away with HTTP, REST, and JSON, what are the problems with the three?

The Problem

Issue: The “Excessive Spacing” button does not seem to do anything. This button section was designed to mock annoying and/or condescending LinkedIn posts by inserting arbitrary emojis and poor formatting, but the “excessive spacing” button was not working

Ironically, that red message is not spaced very well. Perhaps they will reject this because it should contain MORE excessive spaces
Most of the work

Next Steps

Yeah, more commits.



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