Thoughts On Social Media

How Making Money On The Medium Paywall Changed My Opinion Of Social Media

Taking a second screenshot without the cut-off text was way too much work
  • Used excessively, social media deprives us of time we can spend alone with our thoughts — in doing so, it shortens our attention spans
  • Social media is dangerous if used as a substitute for actual human connection, and it effectively distracts us from people we have genuine relationships with so that we can broadcast our lives to people we barely know
  • Social media is dangerous to the youth, as well as to everyone of every age
  • Social media influencers and marketing have converted their respective platforms into advertising schemes, leading to the prevalence of scams, multi-level marketing, and pyramid schemes
  • Social media incentivizes controversy and misinformation over intelligent discussion and thorough research

If Medium Is Better, It Is Not Much Better

The rejected HackerNoon article described how I built a modest following of 450 followers on a Medium blog that specialized in satirical tech content. It mostly thrived on consistency, meaning there were more than weekly posts with the same tags that targeted the same niche: Tech humor.

Social Media And Our Attention Spans

This Is Not Safe For Children

Closing Thoughts



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